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Piano Tuning

We have the most competitive price for standard tuning in the region. Our comprehensive service package includes not only tuning your piano, but any minor adjustments and repairs that may be necessary. Free quotes are given for more complex repairs.

Service available for Clarksville/Fort Campbell area as well as the surrounding communities of Hopkinsville, Cadiz, Pembroke, Trenton, Elkton, Lafayette, Russellville, Greenville, Princeton, Oak Grove, etc.

Our piano technician is certified by the American School of Piano Tuning and has over 20 years of experience. You can be assured that all of your piano’s needs will be thoroughly addressed.

Ensuring the Best Tuning

While your piano is being tuned it is important that there not be extreme ambient noise. The sounds made by vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, microwave ovens, barking dogs, children playing, etc., make it difficult for the tuner to hear the piano while he is working on it.


Payment is due upon completion of the tuning and your satisfaction. We accept credit cards, checks, and cash. Arrangements for billing can be made for institutions such as churches.

Caring for Your Piano

  1. Have your piano tuned regularly? Experts recommend that you have your piano tuned twice a year.
  2. Avoid placing your piano next to an outside wall, fireplace or ductwork. Changes in temperature and humidity damage the inner workings of a piano.
  3. Keep your piano clean inside and out. Dust will cause parts to wear out over time. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the care of the external surfaces. A vacuum cleaner with a hose works well for cleaning out the interior.
  4. Avoid using the music rack and other flat surfaces as a table or for storage. Never place food or beverages on the piano. Pens, rubber bands, paper clips, etc. can fall into the piano, restricting proper function and causing damage.